Executive Points

The OptiCat Team is excited to provide you with our Newsletter, “OnPoint” Volume 1, Issue 3, as we reach out to share effective insights into important OptiCat product developments and tips that can help you sell more parts in 2015! Here are some of the “Points” covered in this issue:

  • OptiCat’s Image Sync Service (ISS) Allows OptiCat to sync receivers image folders with suppliers on a net change basis.
  • OptiCat Education Series- Allows students the ability to use the OptiCat Online Catalog to help with ASE parts certification.
  • Receivers now have the ability to receive ACES flat or CSV files from suppliers.
  • OptiCat’s NEW Automated Data Delivery Documents and Assessment Documents allow suppliers to easily submit their data to those receivers that require these types of documents quickly and easily!
  • PIES Mapping Services – Just ask us how!

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