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OptiCat is a Supplier owned company, as you can see by our major stakeholders listed here. Our goal is to help you sell more parts! ​ Because OptiCat is supplier owned, we act in the best interest of parts suppliers to promote the efficient movement of parts data throughout the supply chain. Contact us today to learn more!



Distributing high quality catalog data to your channel partners in near-real-time is important to your business success. Getting the data “right” before distribution and then distributing it to your partners with the highest possible speed and ease gives you the highest probability of making the sale. High quality data will end up on the parts counters and websites sooner than data with errors. OptiCat OnBoard and OnBoard Pro are web applications that help Suppliers manage their data relationships with a comprehensive and secure authorization system, validation routines that check data as well as a distribution engine that takes the pain out of getting ACES®, PIES™, Product Information and Images to data Receivers.


As a Data Receiver you are probably looking for one place where you can get reliable error free catalog data that will process quickly and smoothly into your cataloging system. OptiCat OnDemand is a web application that helps data Receivers manage their data relationships with a comprehensive and secure authorization system. Data is validated against Industry XSD rules as well as other routines that check data quality. There is also a delivery engine that takes the pain out of receiving product information from Suppliers. You can even create your own data templates for Product Information delivery.


Let’s face it, having high quality data drives your selling activity at the most fundamental level. This is where OnTarget and OnTarget Pro come-in… These are desktop software applications with capabilities that validate Supplier data, identify errors in mapping and output logic, and even identify data mapping issues with the VCdb and PCdb. OnTarget Pro will also compare current and previous ACES® files for net changes in data, such as dropped parts or vehicles. OnTarget runs on your local computer, thus enabling a local, discreet quality control function for your use on your cataloging information management system.


Success in the Automotive Aftermarket means having the right parts at the right time. OptiCat’s OnLine web catalog is designed to help customers “get it right”, by insuring that the high quality, near-real-time data being provided via the OptiCat Network is directly available at all levels of aftermarket distribution. It contains extensive auto parts data and photos that are just a click away and are provided without the delays experienced with many other web based systems. When you decide it’s time to make your parts available, they will show up in the OptiCat OnLine Catalog! It also provides an easy alternative to the traditional catalogs with powerful tools allowing multiple searches for the parts customers want to find.


Making data work for you, by helping you shape the future of your data technology!

We work directly with the industry associations, Suppliers, Retailers, Resellers, Web Site owners, Program Distribution Groups, WD's, Jobbers, Professional Shops and technology companies to help design the future of data technology that creates, supports, maintains, delivers and presents your cataloging data to the North American market. We also deal with data coming from and headed to markets around the world. This broad exposure gives us a unique perspective on the range of possibilities regarding data and its productive use for your business. We will listen to your data problems and help you solve them by application of our excellent programs, including customization, where it is practical and can have broad application to the marketplace. We also bring efficiencies in data management, so you can direct resources toward even more creative uses of your data, which will help you SELL MORE PARTS AND IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

Great data is used to create efficiencies and accuracies. Great data sells more parts and bad data does not, in fact it creates returns. Great data can create new customer relationships and bad data can loss them. Great data comes from great technology and great technology comes from listening to the customer's needs and thinking out of the box about what technology could do to help create better data for the customer.


It’s really quite simple: For suppliers, OptiCat provides an easy to use, cost effective, accurate, fast and highly capable way to validate your catalog information and get it to market in near-real-time, including via the web! We pride ourselves in responding to unique customer needs… this means that when you join the OptiCat Network, you join a new “partner” in making your data work for you! For Data Receivers, OptiCat gives you the best access to high quality supplier data in near-real-time, and with delivery options to meet your needs… be it custom templates to meet your unique requirements via OnDemand or delivery of supplier files via email.


Web Services
Web Services

Your systems need the best automotive data, but you don’t have time to become an…


OptiCat offers companies the ability to build their own ACES® and PIES™ compliant catalog data…