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  • We understand your needs, challenges and have the technology to help
  • Significant Time Savings in providing “Near Real Time”, Clean Accurate Data to Data Receivers
  • Data Suppliers and Receivers can efficiently manage their multiple data partner relationships in one application
  • Excellent validation tools with features to streamline the validation and assessment process
  • Software applications that allow you to compare ACES® files to find accidental flaws in delivery files
  • Offer Global solutions and technology as a partner with TecAlliance/TecDoc

OptiCat, a leading supplier of data and catalog services to motive industries, announces the availability of three new catalog products designed to enhance supplier catalog research and data communication to their customers. Everything we do at OptiCat is focused on “Helping You Sell More Parts”. These new catalog products include:

  • Attribute (Product Features and Dimensions) Search Is Now Available in the OptiCatOnLine.com Parts Research Catalog:
    The “www.OptiCatOnLine.com” Parts Research Catalog is well known and respected for its display of the “freshest and highest quality data available” from suppliers, generally reaching the online catalog within an hour of receipt at OptiCat. It also displays all the data, just as the supplier meant it to be displayed, without modification. Suppliers can use the OptiCat OnTarget Pro validation software to ensure that their data is of highest quality prior to loading it into OptiCat’s data depository.
    Today, OptiCat announces its new attribute search capability that allows catalog users to search for parts, inside the catalog, by inputting or selecting part attribute information (such as dimensions, part position on the vehicle, operating characteristics and others) that is specific to the part. For products not related to a specific year, make and model, such as in many heavy-duty truck applications or applications where a part number is not available, this feature is ideal for narrowing the search for specific parts in order to make better choices. This new feature is driven and made available by parts suppliers, which choose to input the Auto Care Association “Parts Application Database” (PAdb) information, resident inside its PIES™ Standard, into the OptiCat system. This new search capability is now available at “www.OptiCatOnLine.com” to parts researchers.
    This catalog is also available in “Branded Private Label” form, such that, suppliers and distributors can offer only their own product listings with their own searchable attributes. OptiCat’s branded private label catalogs are being used by suppliers to communicate with repair shops and sales personnel to ensure that they are aware of the latest parts catalog content, as compared to the information that is otherwise available in the marketplace. This helps to address the issue of delays in many of today’s catalog systems that result in significant delays, sometimes measured in months, in fresh data reaching the marketplace.
  • The Official Introduction of the OptiCat Global Catalog:
    The OptiCat global Catalog combines the supplier databases of the OptiCat data repository with the data available from the TecAlliance TecDoc Catalogue to provide a global view of parts information from around the world, covering 140 countries. The TecDoc portion of the information, including the Mexico portion is also automatically translated into 35 languages. This fee-based catalog is immediately available and will be an invaluable resource for companies wishing to “go global”. The information can be supplemented by other OptiCat and TecAlliance products such as standard conversion tools, PIM system capabilities and others. This catalog is also available as a Branded Private Label catalog.
  • The New TecAlliance TecDoc Catalogue Mexican Edition, Encompassing Both TecDoc and OptiCat ACES®/PIES™ Information:
    OptiCat has worked with TecAlliance to provide a new “Mexico Combined Catalog” featuring the combined data of TecAlliance and OptiCat, all available in Spanish, as well as 35 other languages, with technical language commonly used in the repair sector in Mexico. This accurate and comprehensive catalog provides Mexico catalog users, and others, with the most complete data available for Mexico applications, as provided by both North American suppliers and suppliers in the TecAlliance global system. This low cost, fee-based catalog is also available as a Branded, Private Label product for distributors wishing to offer their own custom catalog and to suppliers who wish to have their own catalog for a variety of uses. USA based suppliers who have their data in OptiCat and wish to be included in this Mexican catalog edition can choose to do so by contacting OptiCat or TecAlliance Mexico, below.
    This new catalog provides the workshop professional and distributors with comprehensive vehicle identification and includes convenience features such as search by repair system, search by part number, search by original equipment number and a comprehensive attribute search capability. The convenience of having all this capability in one platform will appeal to parts professionals across the industry.

Contact: For more information on these products, please contact: Marc Poulsen at OptiCat LLC Phone: 801-542-0560; Email: mpoulsen@opticat.net; or info@opticat.net Fernando Murguia, Director General, TecAlliance Mexico, at Phone: +52 55 1555 0604 Email: fernando.murguia@tecalliance.net
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OptiCat LLC, (www.opticat.net) provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to optimize Suppliers' data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near real time”, helping everyone sell more parts! OptiCat also maintains the fastest, most current industry standard OnLine Parts Research Catalog at www.opticatonline.com (now featuring “attribute search”), as well as its OptiCat Global Catalog (featuring worldwide data) and its Spanish Language, Mexico Catalog, both in cooperation with TecAlliance GmbH.

About TecAlliance

For over 20 years, TecAlliance has been one of the world’s leading data specialists for networked collaboration in the digital automotive aftermarket. The TecAlliance portfolio contains the latest OE-based vehicle and spare parts data on the basis of the TecDoc standard. It also includes extensive repair and service information as well as integrated solutions and consulting services for digital order management, fleet management and market and data analysis in the automotive aftermarket. The TecDoc Catalogue is one of the world’s leading and most extensive vehicle spare parts catalogs.
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