October 20, 2016 – Charley Johnson – chief executive officer of the new Parts, Tools & Equipment Source Powered by Opticat – discusses online product catalogs.

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Online product catalogs are a hot topic these days. Both ease of use and information quality are two keys to success. With the new VehicleServicePros.com’s Parts, Tools & Equipment Source Powered by Opticat, online product catalogs are being taken to a new level. The Parts, Tools & Equipment Source online product research catalog is both intuitive to use and it displays the freshest supplier parts and tools information available in the marketplace.

This, says Charley Johnson, chief executive officer of Opticat – benefits both buyer and supplier. Opticat is a supplier-owned company that develops software programs supporting high-quality catalog data – benefits both buyer and supplier.

Can you elaborate on how the online product research catalog is easy to use?

Data receivers, such as distributors, reap benefits as well.

One of many things that sets Parts, Tools & Equipment Source apart from other online automotive products guides is that it utilizes better data technology for uniformity of information.

With Parts, Tools & Equipment Source, a user can easily search and compare products, plus quickly pinpoint the exact product needed.

All data has been carefully validated, and listings include product attributes, features and photos.

More and more heavy duty parts, automotive parts and tools and equipment coverage will be added to the Parts, Tools & Equipment Source catalog over time as suppliers convert their data to electronic form. The catalog is available now at vsp.opticatonline.com. It will be “up and running” with full site integration in the near future on the VehicleServicePros website at