Riverton, Utah April 29, 2022 – OptiCat is pleased to announce that FCS Automotive

International has joined the OptiCat Network. As the Automotive and Aftermarket community

continues to embrace data standards, more and more Aftermarket Parts Data Receivers

(distributors and other data users) are requesting high quality digital product data and

application that conforms to the Auto Care ACES® (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) and

PIES™ (Product Information Exchange Standard) data standards. Our Network provides a cloud

based secure supplier controlled distribution mechanism that includes data validation and

secure distribution of proprietary data to specifically chosen channel partners within the supply

chain. OptiCat is focused on helping all Aftermarket suppliers and their channel partners be

more efficient and successful in selling more parts.

FCS Automotive International headquartered in Michigan, is a primary manufacturer of Ride

Control Products, focusing on the Shock and Strut market. They design and produce shocks and

struts for several OE companies worldwide. FCS’s dedicated engineering team help ensure their

products meet or exceed OE quality specifications.

“I am thrilled that FCS Automotive International has chosen to partner with us to provide their

ACES® and PIES™ standardized product information to their customer through the OptiCat

Network” said Don McEntee, OptiCat Director of Sales & Marketing. “It’s great to be able to add

FCS Automotive International’s data to our ever growing list of Suppliers using our Network to

distribute their digital data to their customers”.

About OptiCat:

OptiCat LLC, (www.OptiCat.net) provides a “Network” of product data validation, distribution,

and assessment programs designed to optimize Suppliers' data and its distribution to the

marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate

catalog errors, reduce information processing costs, and speed cataloging information to global

markets in “near real time”, Helping Everyone Sell More Parts! OptiCat also maintains the

fastest, most current industry standard “OnLine” Parts Research Catalog at

www.OptiCatonline.com, as well as its OptiCat Global Catalog (featuring worldwide data) and its

Spanish Language, TecAlliance Mexico Catalog, both of these in cooperation with TecAlliance


Media Contact:

Annette Bardakjian, Marketing Manager,

OptiCat and JNPSoft

647.588.9997 or annette.bardakjian@tecalliance.net