Supplier Catalog Data Validation, Authorization and Distribution Portal

Quality of data and speed to market of that data, really matter when selling auto parts especially for new product lines. Distributing catalog and product information quickly and efficiently is vital for companies to gain an edge in the Automotive Aftermarket. OptiCat OnBoard and OnBoard Pro are web based programs that help suppliers manage their data relationships with a comprehensive and secure authorization system, validation routines that check data and a distribution engine that takes the pain out of getting product information to channel partners and other data receivers.

The Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES®) from the Auto Care Association provides a framework for authoring, validating and distributing vehicle application data in XML format to aftermarket trading partners. It also enables data receivers to process catalogs into their systems in an automated way.

OnBoard and OnBoard Pro are based on a SaaS (software as a service) model that requires no complex local installation. It includes the ability to deliver ACES®, PIES™, Images and other data, like pricing and installation instructions, to data receivers in a secure and efficient way. Private labeling support and connectivity for e-tailors is also available as part of the solution. Text Flat File (CSV, TAB) importing of product data is acceptable and OnBoard will convert that data to PIES™ or other custom designed formats for channel partners and data receivers.

Relationships are managed through a “handshake” system where receivers request data and suppliers grant access once to the cataloging information, then every time a new file is uploaded the receiver has the data automatically delivered to its eMail address or FTP server. They are also notified of its availability and delivery automatically.

Web Catalog

Success in the Automotive Aftermarket means having the right parts at the right time. OptiCat’s WebCatalog is an additional product to help customers get it right, with extensive auto parts data and photos that are just a click away in the OptiCat Web Catalog. This can be an easy alternative to the traditional paper catalog. The WebCatalog is a powerful tool that allows for multiple searches for automotive parts. This WebService returns a search based on a Make, Model, Year lookup.

Easy to Use Web‐based Toolset

Uploaded files are checked for compliance to the VCDB and PCDB as well as XML formatting rules. OptiCat securely transfers thousands of files a month to more than 200 data receivers.

Suppliers that use OnBoard are spending less time on manual data distribution tasks. This time is being reinvested to address cataloging issues and to develop richer product information that helps sell more parts. Suppliers have confidence in knowing who has their data, that the data is up to date and correct in downstream systems.

A recently new feature called OnMail allows suppliers to specify the eMail address or FTP address for data distribution to any data receiver. Supplier's will still have all the security and data delivery logs included in all other types of distribution as well as the ability to deliver any type of data, ACES®, PIES™, AWDA, Custom Created, etc...

Many automotive aftermarket suppliers are increasing the frequency of catalog publishing. OnBoard helps cataloging departments keep up with up with the increased demand from data receivers and gives peace of mind that files are being delivered safely and reliably as they are published to their downstream partners.

System Requirements

  • Window's platform, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Google Chrome or Firefox Internet Connectivity

Key Benefits

  • Speed to market — resulting in more sales of new products.
  • Central Repository model — that delivers Cataloging, Product Information and Digital Assets efficiently to Data Receivers from one upload.
  • OptiCat securely transfers thousands of files each month to data receivers.
  • Optimized error handling — tools to find errors before your customers do.
  • Accurate, efficient and fast delivery of data — with reporting that lets you easily understand who has received the data.
  • Integrated to OnTarget ACES® Validation and Comparison software.
  • OnMail delivery of data to any data receiver.
  • Improved service to data receivers — with less reprocessing.
  • Integration with OnDemand and OnTarget ACES® Validation and Comparison software.
  • Image Sync Service (New)
  • Heavy Duty Data (New)
  • ACES®/PIES™ Private Label File Creation (New)

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