Finding aftermarket parts is easy with OptiCat's new easy to use OnLine Web Catalog. Within hours after a supplier uploads new ACES® or PIES™ data it is visible in the new OptiCat OnLine web catalog. This allows suppliers, WD's, Professional Repair Shops and consumers a trusted place to go for quality parts information. This catalog is based on the Auto Care Industry standards and leverages the industry reference data for a consistent cataloging experience for the users. The user can search by Part Number, Brand or Vehicle. The OnLine Catalog contains, with supplier approval, all the information the supplier provides to OptiCat’s data repository including multiple, high quality images.

OptiCat can also offer a custom Supplier's Branded Catalog Web Site containing only the supplier's parts. This can be customized to look like, and be fully integrated into, the supplier's web site.

OptiCat also offers third-party Web Services for accessing the OnLine catalog content and displaying it in their own parts catalog interface.

Key Benefits

  • Supplier Brand Support (New)
  • AASA Know Your Parts (New)
  • VIN Lookup (New)