TecAlliance is a global leader in data technology with tools that provide efficient data management among aftermarket industry participants across 28 languages and in 124 countries globally, and supporting over 1 million users. Tec Alliance supports three lines of business for data management and delivery:

TecDoc: Provides vehicle reference data and software applications which collects data, standardizes it on a cross-manufacturer basis and distributes it, always with the aim of enabling all market participants to sell more parts more efficiently on the spare parts market, while at the same time cutting costs by automating the business processes.

TecCom: Provides procurement, inventory management, delivery and returns management in the international vehicle spare parts and repair market.

TecRMI: Provides Diagnostic and Repair information to 60,000 workshops globally, which helps in the accurate installation of parts and vehicle diagnostics.

Sell more spare parts, while at the same time reducing costs by automating business processes. You can do that with the solutions from TecAlliance.

OptiCat's relationship with TecAlliance provides North American Suppliers and Data Receivers with access to global vehicle data and software applications which help suppliers and receivers enter markets outside of North America.