WHY OptiCat?

Both Suppliers of data and Receivers of data are significantly improving their catalog data “time to market” when they join the OptiCat Network! Speed of data to market is most important when you want to market new product lines or need to provide data updates to your channel partners. Delays or errors will cause many unintended consequences including high product returns due to miss application and lost customers.

OptiCat’s programs allow data Suppliers and Receivers to efficiently manage multiple channel partner relationships in one application.

The OptiCat Strategic Advantage
  • Suppliers and Data Receivers can experience “Near Real Time” data delivery of ACES®, PIES™, AWDA, IMAGES and other data files.
  • OptiCat software helps Suppliers find data discrepancies that keeps data from processing error free at the Receivers locations.
  • Excellent ACES® data comparison program to help Suppliers deliver better data and catch accidental mistakes in the ACES® creation process.
  • A customized portal for Suppliers provides a clean and simple way for validation, authorization and distribution of all catalog data.
  • View delivery logs as old as six months ago.
  • Inclusion, if you choose, in the OnLine Web Catalog allowing you to ensure that your latest parts and parts versions are being viewed by the marketplace, meaning more sales and, as important, more “sales that stick”.
Supplier Solutions Include:
  • Data Validation.
  • Data Distribution (ACES®, PIES™, Images, Pricing, Product Information).
  • Global Market Opportunities.
  • Assessment Optimization.
  • Flexible product information data delivery (PIES™ Flat Files).
  • Receivers can create their own product information data delivery templates.
Clean, Accurate Data
  • A place where data receivers can create their own data formats that all product information can be delivered to.
  • A web portal built specifically for Data Receivers where they can request and manage the distribution of all data types from brands of hundreds of different suppliers.
  • Receive email notification when data is available.
  • Set Data Quality Requirements that suppliers can see when validating data.
Receiver Solutions Include:
  • Receiver Requirements
  • Data Custom Templates for custom file delivery
  • Most current data available from Suppliers
  • Clean data delivery for error free processing.
  • Global Connections.
  • Assessment Optimization.
Collaboration for Technology Providers
  • OptiCat Integration.
  • TecDoc data Integration.

OptiCat has worked to resolve thousands of data and data process issues with suppliers and receivers resulting in improved data quality and speed to market. These, in turn, result in more sales for all… and “This is what OptiCat is all about… supporting your success!”